Our entry for Robot Hackathon, Toronto Nov 23-25 2012

An erotic landscape; a sexual organ inversion; a please touch piece; inspired by tactile erotics.

Click here to see what was in our kit.

watch the video here.

>>Doctor. Doctor, What? Where who? llllllllllet’s play — doctor doctor doctor does this look funny to you doctor I’ve got a pain in my what? then don’t DO that doctor doctor pleeaaaase It’s not a game it’s all a fucking game. You can rip up your charts now cuz ours are all different. Your game is one we FAILED. For one day and one day only we invite you to take part in the new system. See if you can play our game, DOCTORS, where we know what our bodies need and you need to put your instruments inside us in just the ways that we tell you to. In only the ways that we tell you to. And then watch us like it. Because we are real.

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sound performance at NAISA

August, 2012

[soundclip coming soon]



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